This is the full list of posts done so far. If you’re looking for something specific, press CTRL + F on your keyboard and type in a keyword. Click the number to be taken to that post.

1. fall in love.

2. visit disneyland.

3. visit paris.

4. kiss a girl.

5. learn how to surf.

6. go on a no budget shopping spree in forever 21.

7. travel the world.

8. watch the ball drop in times square.

9. skydive.

10. jump off a waterfall.

11. kiss in the rain.

12. visit tokyo, japan.

13. marry the love of my life.

14. climb mount everest.

15. sleep under the stars.

16. kiss underwater.

17. see the eiffel tower.

18. win the lottery.

19. meet my online friends.

20. try sushi.

21. scuba dive.

22. take cute kissing pictures in a photobooth.

23. rock climb.

25. find my soulmate.

26. fall asleep in his arms.

27. shop rodeo drive.

28. go to a real fashion show.

29. marry him.

30. have someone write and sing a song about me.

31. be on the cover of a magazine.

32. live right by the beach.

33. donate blood.

34. watch a meteor shower.

35. get high.

36. lose my virginity.

37. watch all of the harry potter movies in one day.

38. go on a road trip.

39. build a treehouse.

40. learn how to play guitar.

41. try everything on the starbucks menu once.

42. go to carlo’s bake shop.

43. meet kid cudi.

44. ride in a hot air balloon.

45. swim with sharks.

46. visit all 50 u.s. states.

47. write a book.

48. pet a panda.

49. visit abbey road and recreate the beatles cover.

50. visit the wizarding world of harry potter.

51. attend a masquerade.

52. ride an elephant.

53. live in london.

54. move to ireland.

55. try dog sledding.

56. see the northern lights.

57. go blonde.

58. be in a protest.

59. visit ground zero.

60. be on t.v.

61. meet emma watson.

62. have a healthy pregnancy.

63. send a message in a bottle.

64. be part of a flash mob.

65. solve a rubik’s cube.

66. swim with dolphins.

67. meet demi lovato.

68. ride in a taxi.

69. pet a giraffe.

70. attend a gay wedding.

71. legally marry my girlfriend.

72. try every ride at six flags.

73. attend a dallas cowboys football game.

74. meet taylor swift.

75. graduate college.

76. visit sydney, australia.

77. move to new york.

78. be happy.

79. set foot on the moon.

80. meet lady gaga.

81. perform on a stage.

82. marry my high school sweetheart.

83. dye my hair blue.

84. volunteer at an animal shelter.

85. learn how to play piano.

86. fly a plane.

87. meet eminem.

88. party in las vegas.

89. eat pizza in italy.

90. let go of 100 balloons at one time.

91. see the great pyramids.

92. meet justin bieber.

93. meet paramore.

94. get a tattoo.

95. meet katy perry.

96. get a belly button piercing.

97. go to california.

98. kiss someone i love on new years.

99. meet selena gomez.

100. kiss a stranger.

101. be a bridesmaid.

102. go to alaska.

103. own a white kitten.

104. get a lip piercing.

105. own a pitbull.

106. have my first kiss.

107. go to budapest, hungary.

108. move to a big city.

109. go to venice, italy.

110. meet 30 seconds to mars.

111. go to egypt.

112. ride a camel in egypt.

113. visit the avon theatre.

114. meet the iconic boyz.

115. become a top tennis player.

116. learn fluent sign language.

117. meet one direction.

118. see a shooting star.

119. have a pet pig.

120. go to hollywood.

121. go to a mardi gras celebration.

123. shop in new york city.

124. bungee jump.

125. meet j.k. rowling.

126. mud wrestle.

127. meet adele.

128. be the one less lonely girl at a justin bieber concert.

129. meet the harry potter cast.

130. become a professional photographer.

131. attend a rave.

132. see the grand canyon.

133. go to buckingham palace.

134. meet miley cyrus.

135. visit the palace of versailles.

136. meet chachi gonzales.

137. set foot on all 7 continents.

138. save a life.

139. adopt a child.

140. be in two places at once.

141. meet greyson chance.

142. plant a tree.

143. visit mount rushmore.

144. go on the skydeck in chicago.

145. visit the walk of fame.

146. drive down route 66.

147. fit into a size medium.

148. have a masterpiece of mine hung in a museum.

149. shower under a waterfall.

150. kiss under mistletoe.

151. have a one night stand.

152. witness a wedding proposal.

153. go on a safari.

154. meet bethany hamilton.

155. see a broadway play.

156. create my own perfume.

157. become tumblr famous.

158. move to hawaii.

159. learn to play the ukulele.

160. meet taylor lautner.

161. visit the louvre.

162. go on a no-budget shopping spree in topshop.

163. shoot a gun.

164. dye my hair purple.

165. rap like nicki minaj.

166. dye my hair pink.

167. become a great bassist.

168. meet johnny depp.

169. learn fluent french.

170. pet a tiger.

171. go to brazil.

172. go to greece.

173. become famous.

174. become a millionaire.

175. fall in love with someone who loves me back.

176. have children.

177. go to the tim burton exhibit.

178. meet logan lerman.

179. have a summer romance.

180. meet lights.

181. have my dream body.

182. host a halloween party.

183. write an article for the new york times.

184. move to massachusetts.

185. live happily ever after.

186. meet kate middleton.

187. have twins.

188. meet adam young.

189. go zip lining.

190. go on warped tour.

191. find a best friend.

192. meet britney spears.

193. meet meryl streep.

194. meet darren criss.

195. be on a billboard in times square.

196. have dreads.

197. attend a new years party.

198. get a disney balloon.

199. meet ariana grande.

200. have a huge water balloon fight.

201. meet mac miller.

202. stretch my ears.

203. meet my online friends. (again)

204. see gay marriage legalized everywhere.

205. get kissed under a waterfall.

206. meet nicki minaj.

207. see marijuana legalized in the united states.

208. change the world.

209. own a horse.

210. move far away.

211. learn how to drive.

212. pack everything up and get away.

213. have love like allie and noah’s.

214. meet ryan gosling.

215. become a ballerina.

216. meet the jonas brothers.

217. learn how to skateboard.

218. own an owl.

219. have perfect teeth.

220. celebrate my 100th birthday.

221. read all of the harry potter books.

222. meet big time rush.

223. meet the cast of glee.

224. tell him how i feel.

225. find a cure for cancer.

226. overcome depression.

227. kiss under fireworks.

228. find someone’s lost pet.

229. have a beach wedding.

230. attend a justin bieber concert.

231. paint roses red.

232. get a harry potter tattoo.

233. be on the cover of vogue magazine.

234. see every cirque du soleil show.

235. go to london.

236. go to germany.

237. go to spain.

238. pet a fox.

239. personally thank a 9/11 firefighter.

240. travel alone.

241. meet hilary duff.

242. run with a cheetah.

243. meet my favorite youtuber.

244. play a gig with my band.

245. sing in front of a huge crowd.

246. learn how to sing.

247. have someone win me a giant stuffed animal.

248. go on a carnival date.

249. kiss at the top of a ferris wheel.

250. meet my biological father.

251. pee in every ocean.

252. attend gay pride.

253. model for victoria’s secret.

254. have a food fight.

255. experience christmas in new york.

256. catch every pokemon.

257. be someone’s first love.

258. star in a movie.

259. watch all of the star wars movies in one day.

260. have my own star.

261. visit the titanic in a submarine.

262. have an adventure like jack and rose’s.

263. own a piece of drop dead clothing.

264. get my soldier back safely.

265. visit the taj mahal.

266. see snow.

267. get tattooed by kat von d.

268. milk a cow.

269. meet luke bryan.

270. eat a crepe in france.

271. see a tornado.

272. meet kat von d.

273. pay for a stranger’s groceries.

274. quit smoking.

275. be on glee.

276. give people a reason to remember my name.

277. write a song.

278. visit every major city in the united states.

279. visit a walk-through aquarium.

280. have a natural birth.

281. own a salt water aquarium.

282. meet the kardashians.

283. be in a fashion show.

284. become a paleontologist.

285. visit the world’s largest aquarium.

286. ride in a helicopter.

287. visit the great wall of china.

288. attend a concert.

289. go to a disco club.

290. design my own dream house.

291. kiss him one more time.

292. write an article for a well-known fashion magazine.

293. go to times square.

294. cover myself in tattoos.

295. meet jeffree star.

296. stand under the hollywood sign.

297. get drunk.

298. meet avril lavigne.

299. meet my idol.

300. go on a camping trip.

301. become a tattoo artist.

302. meet the gossip girl cast.

303. meet christofer drew.

304. live in my dream house.

305. meet ofwgkta.

306. meet rihanna.

307. see a mermaid.

308. go to rome.

309. time travel.

310. meet helena bonham carter.

311. have my own boutique.

312. marry my best friend.

313. adopt a puppy.

314. become a pin-up model.

315. own a bunch of cats.

316. have my own clothing line.

317. move to a different country.

318. father a child.

319. get a matching tattoo with my best friend.

320. be in a pie eating contest.

321. meet rupert grint.

322. learn fluent spanish.

323. visit outer space.

324. tattoo someone famous.

325. meet zac efron.

326. drive an expensive car.

327. go to china.

328. meet bruno mars.

329. visit a wolf sanctuary.

330. watch baby turtles hatch.

331. find the perfect wedding dress.

332. have my parents there the day i get married.

333. overcome self harm.

334. kiss in the snow.

335. shave my head.

336. get my nose pierced.

337. own a pet monkey.

338. come out.

339. hug mickey mouse.

340. learn fluent italian.

341. meet an eskimo.

342. meet drake.

343. confess my love.

344. adopt a husky.

345. find a four leaf clover.

346. learn fluent swedish.

347. see the golden gate bridge.

348. make love on the beach.

349. ride a gondola.

350. watch the sunset with him.

351. grow old with someone i love.

352. spend a holiday somewhere exotic.

353. live in a big house.

354. move back to my hometown.

355. go skinny dipping.

356. visit an island paradise.

357. own an iphone.

358. move in with the one i love.

359. go to canada.

360. ride first class.

361. party all night without stopping for sleep.

362. attend a pool party.

363. dye my hair red.

364. meet james franco.

365. meet avenged sevenfold.

366. run a marathon.

367. experience new years in paris.

368. sleep on the beach.

369. open a bakery.

370. go to coachella.

371. meet coldplay.

372. win a grammy.

373. kiss under the eiffel tower.

374. pet a red panda.

375. try something from sprinkles cupcakes.

376. go to switzerland.

377. say “i do”.

378. go to the olympics.

379. go to russia.

380. meet my chemical romance.

381. party during spring break.

382. have a koi pond at my house.

383. sail around the world.

384. meet jls.

385. dance with my kids in the rain.

386. go on a no-budget shopping spree in ikea.

387. meet ashley tisdale.

388. see a great white shark.

389. meet dianna agron.

390. move to florida.

391. buy my parents a new house.

392. drink coffee in seattle.

393. visit castles in europe.

394. meet cody simpson.

395. go to prague.

396. lasso the moon.

397. learn fluent german.

398. learn how to play chess.

399. watch the sunset at the beach.

400. watch the sunrise at the beach.

401. have a white christmas.

402. have my poems published.

403. meet pixie lott.

404. work for the suicide hotline.

405. meet jensen ackles.

406. go to new york fashion week.

407. meet chris brown.

408. spend time on a deserted island with someone i love.

409. go for a run in central park.

410. coach a volleyball team.

411. perform on broadway.

412. meet mindless behavior.

413. make a perfect souffle.

414. go to italy.

415. learn how to bartend.

416. conquer my fears.

417. go to barcelona, spain.

418. move to colorado.

419. meet ke$ha.

420. stop being so afraid and start living instead.

421. publish a best-selling novel.

422. get married in disney world.

423. visit camp nou.

424. meet lil wayne.

425. get my eyebrow pierced.

426. learn how to swim.

427. get a pet.

428. have a big family.

429. meet cameron mitchell.

430. feel beautiful.

431. become an animal trainer.

432. build a guitar.

433. hug a penguin.

434. make a rainbow cake.

435. become a firefighter.

436. see every hunger games movie.

437. take someone else’s drink at starbucks on purpose.

438. share an ice cream with someone special.

439. meet naya rivera.

440. own a birkin bag.

441. donate my hair.

442. go on an ice cream date.

443. adopt a hedgehog.

444. donate a large amount of money to cancer research.

445. go to a spa.

446. meet ariel at disney world.

447. take a homeless person out to dinner.

448. go to fiji.

449. meet wiz khalifa.

450. do everything on my bucket list.

451. live to meet my grandchildren.

452. make it in new york.

453. go to hawaii.

454. spend christmas at disney world.

455. learn how to bake perfectly.

456. try poutine.

457. ride on the back of a motorcycle.

458. fly over the nazca lines.

459. work as a disney princess.

460. lay down in a field of daisies.

461. ride a vespa.

462. have a child.

463. have a baby fall asleep in my arms.

464. go there and back again.

465. get accepted into harvard.

466. be in a game of naked twister.

467. become a stripper.

468. shove cake in my partner’s face at our wedding.

469. get proposed to in front of cinderella’s castle.

470. get ice cream from an ice cream truck.

471. try foods i wouldn’t usually try.

472. pet a zebra.

473. swim in a fountain.

474. attach a lock to a love bridge.

475. watch fireworks while swimming in the ocean.

476. learn how to draw.

477. find the end of a rainbow.

478. visit auschwitz.

479. move to new mexico.

480. visit a cat café.

481. chase tornadoes.

482. grow a bonsai tree.

483. be the maid of honor in a wedding.

484. meet all time low.

485. go to prom.

486. get a bird tattoo.

487. eat a cake without using my hands.

488. ride a horse on the beach.

489. go fishing and eat my catch.

490. meet beyoncé.

491. go to a college party.

492. sell out madison square garden.

493. live on a ranch.

494. die with no regrets.

495. meet adam levine.

496. bake a cake.

497. meet tom felton.

498. deliver a baby.

499. be present during a birth.

500. study abroad.

501. visit ireland.

502. scuba dive in the great barrier reef.

503. work for disney.

504. try every flavor of cake.

505. get married at the top of the empire state building.

506. cuddle under the stars.

507. visit the full house home in san francisco.

508. graduate college with a 4.0 gpa.

509. live in new york city.

510. have my own personal library in my house.

511. meet natasha bedingfield.

512. have a romantic night picnic.

513. learn how to play poker.

514. open my own business.

515. meet linkin park.

516. become an olympic snowboarder.

517. direct a film.

518. eat every last bit of cookie dough in the bowl.

519. meet mgmt.

520. go on a road trip with friends.

521. see the cliffs of moher.

522. move to the country.

523. help break in a young horse.

524. make a snow angel.

525. go to korea.

526. own a pair of chanel flats.

527. meet orlando bloom.

528. move to los angeles.

529. visit the mall of america.

530. walk the red carpet.

531. meet adam lambert.

532. become a forensic scientist.

533. let my nails grow.

534. become a librarian.

535. wake up in vegas.

536. cliff jump.

537. become youtube famous.

538. live in vienna.

539. have someone make me breakfast in bed.

540. meet matthew gray gubler.

541. do something wild with my hair.

542. get a tattoo of something random.

543. know how it feels to be loved.

544. pet a polar bear.

545. live in scotland.

546. live.

547. meet cristiano ronaldo.

548. change someone’s life.

549. move out on my own.

550. visit niagara falls.

551. own a friesian horse.

552. develop a british accent.

553. make her mine.

554. get tickets to the ellen degeneres show.

555. go parasailing.

556. eat a cannoli in italy.

557. shake a soldier’s hand.

558. buy all of the gumballs out of a machine.

559. own a pet bird.

560. meet chris colfer.

561. lay on my back and watch the clouds all day.

562. save my virginity for my wedding night.

563. dance under the stars.

564. learn how to surf. (again)

565. be genuinely happy.

566. meet the jackass cast.

567. have abs.

568. cover my bedroom walls with pictures.

569. own a blackberry.

570. have my grandparents at my wedding.

571. build a blanket fort with someone i love.

572. live out the rest of my life in the united states.

573. shop at forever 21.

574. date a british boy.

575. meet my long distance significant other.

576. step foot on antarctica.

577. have a perfect valentine’s day with someone i love.

578. live in an apartment in downtown manhattan.

579. visit every major u.s. landmark.

580. spend new years in times square.

581. become a chocolatier.

582. try nutella.

583. own a nice camera.

584. find out why a raven is like a writing desk.

585. own a sweet shop.

586. learn chinese.

587. visit poland.

588. meet trey songz.

589. visit the beach every day for a week.

590. stay in an ice hotel.

591. open a pizzeria.

592. spend the night in an igloo.

593. meet tegan and sara.

594. take my mom on the vacation of her dreams.

595. meet josh hutcherson.

596. have my father walk me down the aisle.

597. have rainbow hair.

598. stargaze with the girl i love.

599. own a pair of louboutins.

600. record a song in a studio.

601. own a pair of uggs.

602. meet skrillex.

603. have a bonfire.

604. gamble in vegas.

605. take my kids on an amazing vacation.

606. become a make-up artist.

607. design my own wedding cake.

608. write a novel every year during national novel writing month.

609. make a quilt.

610. spend an entire day watching disney movies.

611. make homemade jam.

612. become a personal trainer.

613. eat a croissant at a bakery in paris.

614. swim with orcas.

615. make a perfect crème brûlée.

616. get a tattoo with one of my parents.

617. own a llama.

618. meet neil patrick harris.

619. write something in wet cement.

620. find something worth living for.

621. move to helsinki.

622. get a matching tattoo with my mom.

623. reach my goal weight.

624. meet christina aguilera.

625. catch a firefly.

626. test drive a lamborghini.

627. have a perfect wedding.

628. go to the circus.

629. go on a beach date.

630. create a milkshake at millions of milkshakes.

631. be in a perfect relationship.

632. meet julie andrews.

633. try escargot.

634. have a pizza eating contest.

635. become a chef.

636. get chocolate wasted.

637. eat spaghetti in italy.

638. make a dreamcatcher.

639. become a vegetarian.

640. face my fear of love.

641. tie dye a shirt.

642. test drive a ferrari.

643. see my submission posted.

644. create a new crayon color.

645. hold up a free hugs sign.

646. eat an entire pizza by myself.

647. eat at all of the best pizza joints in new york.

648. be kissed unexpectedly.

649. visit machu picchu.

650. meet anderson cooper.

651. shop on l’avenue des champs-élysées.

652. go to art school.

653. get a butterfly tattoo.

654. find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

655. order tons of food from room service.

656. meet ryan ross.

657. eat a fried scorpion.

658. learn how to make ice cream.

659. eat at a japanese buffet.

660. find and eat the best cheesesteak in philadelphia.

661. see halley’s comet.

662. eat enough skittles to taste the rainbow.

663. become a nurse.

664. learn a card trick.

665. be on survivor.

666. see the morning glory pool.

667. meet the cast of ncis.

668. party in cancún.

669. try macarons.

670. meet julian casablancas.

671. be on the cover of seventeen magazine.

672. meet alexander skargård.

673. meet patrick dempsey.

674. become a veterinarian.

675. make up a recipe.

676. go to myrtle beach.

677. swim with a sea turtle.

678. go to bora bora.

679. own a bunch of reptiles.

680. live in a penthouse.

681. own a pair of jeremy scott shoes.

682. get engaged.

683. go on a date.

684. meet aislinn paul.

685. build a gingerbread house.

686. buy a pair of white shoes and doodle on them.

687. propose to a stranger with a ring pop.

688. create a popular blog.

689. go into an airport and buy tickets for a random flight.

690. own a louis vuitton purse.

691. own chickens.

692. learn how to play violin.

693. meet daniel radcliffe.

694. autograph something.

695. meet chuck norris.

696. stop cutting for good.

697. stand on top of a mountain.

698. go to disneyworld with my best friend.

699. own an ipad.

700. grow boobs.

701. pet a kangaroo.

702. shear a sheep.

703. be proud to be gay.

704. find out who stole the cookie from the cookie jar.

705. watch a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.

706. have a daughter and name her after my grandmother.

707. receive a dozen red roses.

708. own a coach bag.

709. ride a bull.

710. work with to write love on her arms.

711. buy flowers for someone for no reason at all.

712. meet mayday parade.

713. eat tapas in spain.

714. meet vanessa hudgens.

715. learn how to sew.

716. slow dance in the rain.

717. go to a victoria’s secret fashion show.

718. go on a food adventure in paris.

719. go on a disney cruise.

720. meet the pretty little liars cast.

721. meet sophia bush.

722. go on a no-budget shopping spree to urban outfitters.

723. become a photographer.

724. adopt a chinchilla.

725. party on a cruise ship.

726. become president of the united states.

727. try pasta in italy.

728. wear a corset.

729. meet deadmau5.

730. ride in an airplane.

731. climb a tree.

732. climb the steps of the mayan ruins.

733. visit south korea.

734. meet lea michele.

735. attend the midnight showing of breaking dawn part 1.

736. write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years.

737. watch my children get married.

738. visit iceland.

739. try ketchup chips.

740. have a “usual” somewhere.

741. learn how to cook a four course italian meal.

742. catch a guitar pick at a concert.

743. have a mud fight.

744. be the worldwide girl at a big time rush concert.

745. be able to walk well in high heels.

746. make a perfect omelet.

747. kiss someone at the top of the eiffel tower.

748. be called mommy.

749. kiss under a rainbow.

750. own a pair of jimmy choos.

751. meet dolly parton.

752. hold a sloth.

753. get a tattoo my dad would approve of.

754. go on vacation with friends to cabo san lucas.

755. read the bible.

756. try funnel cake.

757. meet tyra banks.

758. meet daughtry.

759. eat and not feel guilty.

760. have a song dedicated to me.

761. eat an entire bottle of whipped cream in one sitting.

762. go to the philippines.

763. get my nipple pierced.

764. own a pair of black milk leggings.

765. meet ashton kutcher.

766. live in boston.

767. date a drummer.

768. try eating a dragon fruit.

769. wear heels to prom.

770. learn how to dj.

771. meet ryan theriot.

772. be a surrogate mother for a gay couple.

773. get my tongue pierced.

774. live in the mountains.

775. try everything on the menu at a restaurant.

776. find shapes in the clouds with someone i love.

777. make homemade ice cream.

778. own a pair of nude pumps.

779. visit the winter palace.

780. ride a subway in new york.

781. burn my social security card.

782. own a pair of alexander mcqueen shoes.

783. visit the faroe islands.

784. learn how to waterfall braid.

785. visit india during diwali.

786. star on american idol.

787. become a cheerleader.

788. meet kellin quinn.

789. meet megan fox.

790. meet black veil brides.

791. visit madrid.

792. meet foster the people.

793. have a son.

794. go to santiago bernabéu stadium.

795. swim with a whale.

796. be a princess.

797. learn how to do graffiti.

798. eat at one of chef gordon ramsay’s restaurants.

799. go to a fourth of july beach festival.

800. complete a man vs. food challenge.

801. try all types of chocolate.

802. find pants that fit.

803. have my fairytale wedding.

804. be in a food eating contest.

805. meet everyone on the new york yankees.

806. meet panic! at the disco.

807. meet the winners of top chef.

808. meet derek jeter.

809. stay at the atlantis resort in the bahamas.

810. carpe diem.

811. meet alex rodriguez.

812. visit chile.

813. have a summer job.

814. meet ian somerhalder.

815. work for nike.

816. have a job that travels.

817. visit wrigley field.

818. eat what i want without gaining weight.

819. live in venice, italy.

820. meet vic fuentes.

821. move to new zealand.

822. travel to el salvador.

823. stop caring.

824. dance in the rain.

825. have a threesome.

826. own a pair of cowboy boots.

827. ride a camel.

828. meet the vampire diaries cast.

829. eat kfc in kentucky.

830. open a coffee shop.

831. hold a koala.

832. become a vegan.

833. become a basketball player.

834. ride a horse.

835. own a collection of chanel purses.

836. own a pet sugar glider.

837. see a blue whale.

838. own a lamborghini.

839. learn how to make biscuits.

840. see a game at lambeau field.

841. get in a taxi and yell “follow that car!”.

842. eat lots, gain little.

843. meet bella thorne.

844. have a perfect garden.

845. eat spaghetti like lady and the tramp.

846. live on a farm.

847. smoke a cigar.

848. have my own make-up line.

849. swim in the pacific ocean.

850. get married at a young age.

851. see a lantern festival.

852. have a perfect kiss.

853. make an important decision with a coin toss.

854. try a cupcake from georgetown cupcakes.

855. become an art teacher.

856. make my best friend’s dreams come true.

857. sing in the rain.

858. meet jeremy mckinnon.

859. fall in love again.

860. ride in a limo.

861. try food from all over the world.

862. meet billie piper.

863. put a piece of gum on the gum wall in seattle.

864. go home wasted.

865. own a closet full of nikes.

866. meet david tennant.

867. make him love life again.

868. ice skate in central park.

869. rent a high roller suite.

870. live in montreal.

871. live in france.

872. own a horse farm.

873. crowd surf.

874. meet emma stone.

875. move to new orleans.

876. go streaking.

877. visit cannes, france.

878. become a marine biologist.

879. go to naples, italy.

880. try every ben & jerry’s ice cream flavor.

881. dance with my dad at my wedding.

882. walk on the great wall of china.

883. marry the girl of my dreams.

884. hold a monkey.

885. work for a magazine.

886. eat escargot in paris.

887. meet hayley williams.

888. have that instant falling in love moment.

889. with the kuroshio sea.

890. meet shakira.

891. perform a surgery.

892. go to a st. louis cardinals game at busch stadium.

893. meet alan rickman.

894. see stonehenge.

895. go to hong kong.

896. meet shia labeouf.

897. fill up a juicy couture charm bracelet.

898. visit australia.

899. meet forever the sickest kids.

900. have a tea party.

901. tell her i love her and ask her to marry me.

902. receive oral sex.

903. kiss on the beach at sunset.

904. meet pierce the veil.

905. meet jessie j.

906. complete a journal.

907. shop on black friday.

908. live in denmark.

909. stay in cinderella’s castle.

910. go to the top of the eiffel tower.

911. meet sierra kusterbeck.

912. become a police officer.

913. meet we the kings.

914. move to sweden.

915. feed a giraffe.

916. kiss on bow bridge in central park.

917. meet tokio hotel.

918. have a baby.

919. kiss at the top of the empire state building.

920. meet the fray.

921. see the red sox win another world series.

922. become an eye doctor.

923. find the perfect little black dress.

924. meet candice swanepoel.

925. have fireworks at my wedding.

926. have a pet rabbit.

927. meet asking alexandria.

928. design my own sneakers.

929. meet liam neeson.

930. have a longer marriage than kim kardashian did.

931. ride an elephant in india.

932. meet evanna lynch.

933. buy rings.

934. get my braces off.

935. meet jimmy fallon.

936. move to phoenix.

937. go to a miami heat game.

938. own a giraffe.

939. have sex.

940. sew my own wedding dress.

941. fall in love with a country boy.

942. go on a family vacation.

943. get hip piercings.

944. spend a day in a casino.

945. love him until i die.

946. make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth.

947. wear a boy’s sweatshirt.

948. get married in las vegas.

949. have my honeymoon in disney world.

950. own a jeep rubicon.

951. meet miranda kerr.

952. learn how to love.

953. win a jackpot.

954. walk through central park in the snow.

955. make my own chocolate.

956. get married on halloween.

957. get a tattoo before i turn 18.

958. adopt an animal.

959. kiss a girl.

960. be on the show say yes to the dress.

961. throw someone a surprise party.

962. be a homeowner.

963. stay at a bed & breakfast.

964. own a classic car.

965. become an employee at disney world.

966. surprise him with a kiss.

967. propose in the snow.

968. have a marriage more beautiful than my wedding.

969. photograph a nude photoshoot.

970. get my hands tattooed.

971. meet fall out boy.

972. be a good parent.

973. work with wild animals.

974. own a tiger.

975. kiss a ginger.

976. eat at every cheesesteak stand in philadelphia.

977. go to a coldplay concert.

978. move to san francisco.

979. witness a miracle.

980. dye my hair a crazy color.

981. travel to all of the places i’ve always wanted to go.

982. marry the person i can tell every little thing to.

983. meet kim kardashian.

984. live in the usa.

985. run away with him.

986. meet buddy valastro.

987. become a fashion designer.

988. go to my dream college.

989. put the pieces of my heart back together.

990. become a doctor.

991. move to chicago.

992. meet tina fey.

993. leave my mark on the world.

994. watch a hockey game in every team’s arena.

995. fall in love with someone that’s my exact opposite.

996. visit kauai.

997. move to san diego.

998. wear a beautiful wedding dress.

999. see the world.

1000. move into an apartment with my best friend.

1001. befriend an nhl player.

1002. meet austin carlile.

1003. meet jake gyllenhaal.

1004. become a model.

1005. meet joshua jackson.

1006. own a pair of ray-bans.

1007. meet jack barakat.

1008. get every tattoo i’ve ever wanted.

1009. make a wish at the trevi fountain in rome.

1010. own a pair of converse in every color.

1011. have a pet raccoon.

1012. try belgian chocolate.

1013. finish a whole tube of chapstick.

1014. visit the biltmore estate.

1015. meet john mayer.

1016. meet dallas green.

1017. visit japan.

1018. visit a chocolate factory.

1019. try tiramisu.

1020. go on a no-budget shopping spree in sephora.

1021. build a giant sand castle.

1022. get a monroe piercing.

1023. elope to france.

1024. see the milky way.

1025. own every shade of mac eyeshadow.

1026. live in an apartment with spiral stairs.

1027. work at starbucks.

1028. stretch my ears bigger than an inch.

1029. receive one red rose.

1030. receive chocolates on valentine’s day.

1031. own a pug.

1032. own a pair of jeffrey campbell shoes.

1033. have a walk-in closet.

1034. win the lottery.

1035. have a valentine on valentine’s day.

1036. ‘hold up’ the leaning tower of pisa.

1037. own something from tiffany & co.

1038. own a pair of skinny jeans.

1039. become the successful dancer i’ve worked hard to be.

1040. try chicago style pizza.

1041. own a cute phone cover.

1042. eat only popcorn for an entire day.

1043. make smores around a fire.

1044. find beauty and happiness in the little things.

1045. grow my own food.

1046. make pancakes with someone i love.

1047. meet roger federer.

1048. travel to wales.

1049. try something from pinkberry.

1050. visit daytona beach.

1051. own a peacock.

1052. dive into a pool of chocolate.

1053. own an english bulldog.

1054. meet amy lee.

1055. be on the amazing race.

1056. bake cookies with the one i love.

1057. design a piece of jewelry.

1058. learn how to play the saxophone.

1059. be a tattooed bride.

1060. meet the twilight cast.

1061. visit pensacola beach.

1062. watch fireworks from inside a plane.

1063. touch an orca.

1064. work at disneyland.

1065. get a white ink tattoo.

1066. go to a new england patriots football game.

1067. meet oliver sykes.

1068. receive my hogwarts acceptance letter.

1069. marry a canadian.

1070. visit taiwan.

1071. stay at every disney resort.

1072. camp out in a tropical rainforest.

1073. drive on death road in bolivia.

1074. own an iphone 4s.

1075. donate my hair to locks of love.

1076. meet audrey kitching.

1077. fall through a cloud.

1078. visit jamaica.

1079. visit a betsey johnson store.

1080. have a birthday party in las vegas.

1081. kiss a boy with a beard.

1082. meet florence welch.

1083. replace my entire closet with clothes from forever 21.

1084. redesign my bedroom.

1085. own a dreamcatcher.

1086. celebrate mardi gras in new orleans.

1087. swim with beluga whales.

1088. pet a wombat.

1089. meet cory monteith.

1090. help end animal cruelty.

1091. go to lego land.

1092. make a perfect cupcake.

1093. make a million dollars.

1094. visit thailand.

1095. own a macbook.

1096. wear converse on my wedding day.

1097. get rid of all the negativity in my life.

1098. meet angelina jolie.

1099. meet taking back sunday.

1100. learn how to play the cello.

1101. watch the sunset with someone i love.

1102. meet t.mills.

1103. buy a nice house for my parents.

1104. join the army.

1105. learn how to use chopsticks.

1106. go on a no-budget shopping spree in hollister.

1107. visit bali.

1108. own a cadillac.

1109. get a royal flush.

1110. meet katelyn tarver.

1111. become a pastry chef.

1112. have the barista at starbucks remember my order.

1113. make the perfect italian meatball.

1114. meet the maine.

1115. go to the caribbean with my best friend.

1116. learn how to blow glass.

1117. grow an apple tree.

1118. find love in new york.

1119. have fun.

1120. try a starbucks coffee.

1121. eat healthier.

1122. meet zooey deschanel.

1123. touch someone’s tattoo.

1124. learn how to play every taylor swift song on guitar.

1125. fit into a size 3.

1126. be as white as dita von teese.

1127. make pizza dough from scratch.

1128. drink wine in italy.

1129. make a perfect thanksgiving turkey.

1130. dance under the eiffel tower.

1131. go sandboarding.

1132. join a bowling league.

1133. kiss in a snowstorm.

1134. walk on the moon.

1135. find and go on the largest rollercoaster in the world.

1136. surf and snowboard in the same day.

1137. camp on the beach.

1138. steal a school bus.

1139. go to the moon.

1140. hold a baby panda.

1141. visit albania.

1142. see my hip bones.

1143. live past december 21, 2012.

1144. open a cupcakery.

1145. work at hollister.

1146. run through a field of sunflowers.

1147. own countless pairs of toms.

1148. go to a betsey johnson fashion show.

1149. own something chanel.

1150. take ballet lessons.

1151. own a pet ferret.

1152. meet cher lloyd.

1153. meet lindsay lohan.

1154. help children in africa.

1155. chop down my own christmas tree.

1156. go on a road trip to canada.

1157. take a trapeze class.

1158. catch a falling star.

1159. meet allison harvard.

1160. learn fluent arabic.

1161. shop in paris.

1162. bake a perfect rainbow cupcake.

1163. meet ash stymest.

1164. own a gibson guitar.

1165. visit a castle.

1166. give a homeless person a christmas present.

1167. order a cup of whipped cream at starbucks.

1168. own a huge make-up collection.

1169. tip a cow.

1170. buy a to write love on her arms shirt.

1171. visit kiribati.

1172. have a great christmas with my friends and family.

1173. not be single on valentine’s day.

1174. meet bo burnham.

1175. meet mcfly.

1176. finish a game of monopoly.

1177. cover my bedroom walls with lights, pictures, & lyrics.

1178. visit vancouver.

1179. meet sergio ramos.

1180. receive a promise ring.

1181. ride the london eye.

1182. sing at the grand ole opry.

1183. have a cute guy buy me coffee.

1184. visit toronto.

1185. go an entire day without using any technology.

1186. learn fluent portuguese.

1187. kiss under mistletoe.

1188. see the washington capitals win the stanley cup.

1189. meet jordan witzigreuter.

1190. own a shiba inu.

1191. visit britain with my best friend.

1192. go to the carnival of venice.

1193. visit new zealand.

1194. collect all pokemon cards.

1195. have my own nail polish line.

1196. surf at a hawaiian beach.

1197. paint something on canvas.

1198. have a wardrobe i actually like.

1199. meet ellie goulding.

1200. see skrillex live.

1201. become a professional scuba diver.

1202. eat chinese food in china.

1203. model in a fashion show.

1204. bake something from scratch.

1205. have skinny legs.

1206. be on the show cash cab.

1207. own a harley davidson.

1208. have a christmas without any drama.

1209. own the dog i’ve always wanted.

1210. visit newfoundland.

1211. throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands.

1212. visit australia zoo.

1213. host a lemonade stand.

1214. visit verona, italy.

1215. own something by betsey johnson.

1216. own a pet snake.

1217. go on a no-budget shopping spree to lush.

1218. get a pin-up tattoo.

1219. stop biting my nails.

1220. model in a professional photoshoot.

1221. have sex in the shower.

1222. go to the bluebird cafe.

1223. go on a date at starbucks during the holidays.

1224. own a beach house.

1225. try something from godiva.

1226. get a bow tattoo.

1227. go on a coffee date.

1228. get a disney tattoo.

1229. meet the buried life cast.

1230. visit puerto rico.

1231. meet sugarland.

1232. go to a manchester united game at old trafford.

1233. participate in a polar bear plunge.

1234. meet mariska hargitay.

1235. visit saint basil’s cathedral.

1236. meet lionel messi.

1237. visit rio de janeiro during carnival.

1238. live on mars.

1239. meet blink-182.

1240. meet hayden panettiere.

1241. backpack through europe.

1242. meet u-kiss.

1243. meet karen gillan.

1244. work for tiffany & co.

1245. get my legs tattooed.

1246. own a pair of superhero underwear.

1247. get a neck tattoo.

1248. meet rick genest.

1249. meet victoria justice.

1250. meet blake lively.

1251. finish an entire coloring book.

1252. jump in a pool fully clothed.

1253. have my children grow up with harry potter.

1254. own an ipod.

1255. date a boy in a band.

1256. meet misha collins.

1257. visit luxembourg.

1258. see all time low live.

1259. meet derrick rose.

1260. shop in tokyo.

1261. learn braille.

1262. tan on a nude beach.

1263. own a cat.

1264. have a snowball fight with someone i love.

1265. meet my other half.

1266. spend a whole day playing video games with him.

1267. marry the man of my dreams.

1268. see a pack of wolves.

1269. explore the grand canyon.

1270. visit stockholm.

1271. create a new candle scent.

1272. play golf.

1273. visit monte carlo.

1274. have a harry potter cake for my birthday.

1275. throw the first pitch at a mlb game.

1276. go to a hot air balloon festival.

1277. adopt a shetland sheepdog.

1278. have my 11.11.11 11:11 wish come true.

1279. cook thanksgiving dinner.

1280. become a barista.

1281. play a grand piano.

1282. become a teacher.

1283. own a nikon.

1284. own a mustang.

1285. own a pearl necklace.

1286. have a conversation with the person i like.

1287. meet the cast of the walking dead.

1288. be followed back by my favorite blog.

1289. become a hairstylist.

1290. meet my tumblr friends.

1291. meet taylor momsen.

1292. meet betsey johnson.

1293. become an inspiration.

1294. spend time volunteering in africa.

1295. own chanel perfume.

1296. have a high school sweetheart.

1297. own an apartment with my friends.

1298. meet the cast of jersey shore.

1299. invite someone without a family to my family’s holiday dinner.

1300. live in a house with an indoor pool.

1301. learn how to do cute nails.

1302. feel confident in a bikini.

1303. read an 8th harry potter book.

1304. ask taylor swift who her songs are about.

1305. be a healthy weight.

1306. get a boob job.

1307. have my 11:11 wish come true.

1308. go to a green bay packers game.

1309. go on a camping trip with all of my friends.

1310. live in a mansion.

1311. get married on a special date (like 11.11.11).

1312. get my dad to stop smoking.

1313. have a summer fling.

1314. play beer pong.

1315. work in a make-up store.

1316. own a collection of betsey johnson purses.

1317. eat at hell’s kitchen.

1318. get a bunch of floral tattoos.

1319. roast chestnuts over a fire.

1320. go on a no-budget shopping spree at bath & body works.

1321. meet maggie q.

1322. go to a taylor swift concert.

1323. work at lush cosmetics.

1324. become a suicide girl.

1325. find the perfect boy for me.

1326. meet ryan reynolds.

1327. own a polydactyl cat.

1328. buy a homeless person a full meal.

1329. kiss my love on the big screen at a game.

1330. find hogwarts.

1331. see adele perform live.

1332. own a collection of high-end makeup.

1333. see the rolling stones in concert.

1334. have a make-up tutorial marathon.

1335. use a fake name at starbucks.

1336. have a luxurious bathroom in my future house.

1337. own a collection of cute bikinis.

1338. work in an ice cream shop.

1339. have one of those “what happened last night?” moments.

1340. go shopping every day for a week.

1341. go to a water park.

1342. become a therapist.

1343. throw a pool party.

1344. become an interior designer.

1345. go on vacation by myself.

1346. spend a summer getting really tan.

1347. own every color of flip flops.

1348. own all of the sims 3 expansion packs.

1349. swim with dolphins.

1350. have a pink christmas tree.

1351. go on a no-budget shopping spree in american eagle.

1352. work at barnes & noble.

1353. build something at build-a-bear.

1354. become a beauty guru on youtube.

1355. meet angie harmon.

1356. tell them they saved my life.

1357. adopt a greyhound.

1358. have twins, a boy and a girl.

1359. know the alphabet backwards.

1360. finish an afghan.

1361. own every color of opi nail polish.

1362. have david tutera design my wedding.

1363. get a smiley piercing.

1364. eat balut.

1365. ride a dolphin.

1366. live in a cottage.

1367. visit marilyn monroe’s grave.

1368. let a snowflake land on my tongue.

1369. own a lexus.

1370. wish on a shooting star.

1371. become a zoologist.

1372. meet carrie underwood.

1373. change my name.

1374. meet alex gaskarth.

1375. be given a puppy as a present.

1376. move to hong kong.

1377. get my license.

1378. have a tomato fight.

1379. see the chicago cubs win a world series.

1380. meet adam levine.

1381. live a luxurious life.

1382. have a perfect christmas tree.

1383. smoke weed with wiz khalifa.

1384. take a tour of the white house.

1385. visit the parthenon.

1386. do a no h8 photoshoot.

1387. get an anchor tattoo.

1388. eat only bacon for an entire day.

1389. adopt a beagle.

1390. live in a house with a turret.

1391. adopt a dalmatian.

1392. perfect a cupcake recipe.

1393. feel comfortable in my own skin.

1394. cuddle next to a campfire.

1395. get drunk on the beach.

1396. meet mary-kate and ashley olsen.

1397. trick-or-treat at a celebrity’s house.

1398. qualify for uset finals.

1399. try a pint of butterbeer.

1400. go on a cruise.

1401. date a celebrity.

1402. see katy perry perform.

1403. live in a big, beautiful city.

1404. visit peru.

1405. watch the colorado rockies win another world series.

1406. move to pittsburgh.

1407. fall in love with my best friend.

1408. have ice cream cake at my birthday.

1409. visit the sistine chapel.

1410. make love.

1411. have a daughter.

1412. see the st. louis blues win the stanley cup.

1413. own a pair of doc martens.

1414. collect cats to be alone with.

1415. celebrate st. patrick’s day in ireland.

1416. get drunk on a plane.

1417. write on the before i die wall in new orleans.

1418. meet the cast of star wars.

1419. wrestle an alligator.

1420. meet the cast of icarly.

1421. meet miranda cosgrove.

1422. have my husband kiss my pregnant belly.

1423. get a septum piercing.

1424. drop a water balloon off of a tall building.

1425. be married to the same person for over 50 years.

1426. meet craig owens.

1427. write a love letter.

1428. meet cheryl cole.

1429. eat a whole jar of nutella.

1430. have sex on a plane.

1431. meet aaron gillespie.

1432. stay up all night on christmas eve.

1433. finish a shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

1434. visit the hofburg palace.

1435. be a beach bum.

1436. meet rise against.

1437. be proposed to on christmas.

1438. have snow for all 8 days of hanukkah.

1439. receive everything on my christmas list.

1440. send a present to a soldier.

1441. be snowed in.

1442. make gingerbread men.

1443. spend the holidays with someone special.

1444. have my first kiss with the one who’s meant for me.

1445. put up a christmas tree with her.

1446. put up a christmas tree with him.

1447. put up christmas lights in my bedroom.

1448. have mermaid hair.

1449. hike the entire appalachian trail.

1450. decorate my house with tons of christmas lights.

1451. work for toms shoes.

1452. build a snow fort.

1453. light the menorah with someone i love.

1454. pick out a christmas tree with someone i love.

1455. go on a romantic walk through a winter wonderland.

1456. get through the holidays happily.

1457. spend christmas in paris.

1458. go to lollapalooza.

1459. have my soldier home for christmas.

1460. find the perfect present for her.

1461. dig a snow tunnel.

1462. try eggnog.

1463. go snorkeling.

1464. meet daniela ruah.

1465. go the rest of my life without drinking alcohol.

1466. adopt a lynx.

1467. live in norway.

1468. have the perfect itunes library.

1469. go in a ufo.

1470. try every flavor of arizona tea.

1471. become a victoria’s secret angel.

1472. ride a mechanical bull.

1473. meet ryan sheckler.

1474. take a picture of us tangled in lights.

1475. give more than i receive.

1476. bake perfect christmas cookies.

1477. return home for the holidays.

1478. grow my own christmas tree.

1479. dress up as santa for my children.

1480. become a professional gift wrapper.

1481. have a christmas movie marathon.

1482. build a snowman with my best friend.

1483. sleep under the christmas tree.

1484. make christmas dinner for my entire family.

1485. make a pancake breakfast on christmas.

1486. have the courage to swim in the ocean.

1487. build a snowman with someone i love.

1488. find the real santa.

1489. find the perfect present for him.

1490. design a menorah.

1491. be somebody’s secret santa.

1492. go deep sea diving.

1493. visit rio de janeiro.

1494. see a reindeer.

1495. own every aerosmith album.

1496. meet james mcavoy.

1497. work at the wizarding world of harry potter.

1498. meet natalie portman.

1499. spend christmas in london.

1500. hang stockings for my kids, my spouse, and me.

1501. believe again.

1502. go on vacation for all 8 days of hanukkah.

1503. meet kenichi matsuyama.

1504. make love on christmas night.

1505. make someone’s christmas brighter.

1506. dye my hair to look like a candy cane.

1507. set up and decorate a christmas tree.

1508. deliver my baby on christmas eve.

1509. meet evan peters.

1510. meet andrea bocelli.

1511. meet agyness deyn.

1512. meet andrew garfield.

1513. stand with one foot on one side of the equator and one on the other side.

1514. interact with an orca.

1515. adopt a westie.

1516. meet kristina horner.

1517. eat a real krabby patty.

1518. visit gibraltar.

1519. meet rafael nadal.

1520. meet patrick stump.

1521. adopt a golden retriever puppy.

1522. own a dodge challenger.

1523. give a surprise gift that makes someone’s day.

1524. celebrate hanukkah.

1525. make someone less fortunate smile on christmas.

1526. pull a fire alarm.

1527. have a full bar in my house.

1528. go to argentina.

1529. cosplay.

1530. move to singapore.

1531. go to a kanye west concert.

1532. have the courage to hold her hand in public.

1533. attend a wedding.

1534. go on a date with ryan gosling.

1535. be in a covergirl commercial.

1536. eat at gray’s papaya.

1537. get snakebites.

1538. go on a no-budget shopping spree at miu miu.

1539. see the texas rangers win a world series.

1540. curl up with someone special and watch the snow fall.

1541. cuddle in front of the fireplace with someone i love.

1542. kiss someone at midnight on new years.

1543. visit the ruins of mycenae.

1544. name a star.

1545. meet sean malto.

1546. meet chris wolstenholme.

1547. have people shout my lyrics back at me.

1548. meet novak djokovic.

1549. meet michael bublé.

1550. meet mike shinoda.

1551. eat macarons from ladurée.

1552. travel to belize.

1553. have a best friend who will never let me down.

1554. visit south africa.

1555. solve a murder.

1556. watch a flash mob.

1557. do something stupid and break a bone.

1558. try real japanese ramen.

1559. get married in france.

1560. meet big bang.

1561. see a polar bear.

1562. get lost in tokyo.

1563. learn how to play the french horn.

1564. convince someone to write their own bucket list.

1565. find a snow owl.

1566. go shark diving.

1567. own a deadmau5 head.

1568. go to a deadmau5 concert.

1569. spend the night in a haunted mansion.

1570. meet charlie mcdonnell.

1571. buy a chanel red lipstick.

1572. go on a no-budget shopping spree.

1573. build a snow sculpture.

1574. build an igloo.

1575. have a naked snowball fight.

1576. go to the macy’s thanksgiving day parade.

1577. own a grand piano.

1578. conduct a symphony.

1579. get through a long distance relationship.

1580. move to alaska.

1581. see jason mraz in concert.

1582. go paragliding.

1583. get the boy that i love back.

1584. compete in a show jumping competition.

1585. let my hair get really long.

1586. learn fluent russian.

1587. make a cake with buddy valastro.

1588. get high and forget everything for a day.

1589. go to new orleans.

1590. meet nikki sixx.

1591. adopt a teacup yorkie.

1592. get a ‘breathe’ tattoo.

1593. buy a stay positive hoodie.

1594. go to vegas with my best friends.

1595. perform at the globe theatre.

1596. run away.

1597. become a personal chef.

1598. watch a football game from the sidelines.

1599. escape.

1600. go to a game at yankee stadium.

1601. find someone who will treat me right.

1602. have my own glamour kills line.

1603. meet nastia liukin.

1604. have my family at my wedding.

1605. visit pixar studios.

1606. experience zero gravity.

1607. meet mila kunis.

1608. wear colored contacts.

1609. become a nail artist.

1610. meet nina dobrev.

1611. ride in a submarine.

1612. have a closet full of shoes.

1613. stick to my new year’s resolution.

1614. go to texas.

1615. break a world record.

1616. have a perfect kiss in the snow on a quiet winter night.

1617. smash a guitar.

1618. spend a day with one direction.

1619. meet a day to remember.

1620. meet bon jovi.

1621. drink from a coconut.

1622. own a zoo.

1623. meet leighton meester.

1624. collect every snapple cap fact.

1625. order dessert first at a restaurant.

1626. go paddleboarding.

1627. find a peacock feather.

1628. hold his hand.

1629. breathe in helium.

1630. walk through a drive-thru.

1631. own a polaroid camera.

1632. learn origami.

1633. smash open my piggy bank when it gets full.

1634. kiss someone who has their tongue pierced.

1635. write a letter to a serial killer.

1636. eat as many bags of peanut butter m&m’s in one day as i can.

1637. live in japan.

1638. float in the dead sea.

1639. visit greenland.

1640. go to the galápagos islands.

1641. own a vineyard.

1642. ski in the swiss alps.

1643. see the pittsburgh pirates win a world series.

1644. meet chris webby.

1645. learn fluent japanese.

1646. get out of my town.

1647. live in an apartment with my significant other.

1648. go on a midnight stroll in paris.

1649. bake every single thing in a cookbook.

1650. visit bhutan.

1651. be on the radio.

1652. kiss someone famous.

1653. see radiohead live.

1654. wake up on january 1st next to the one i love.

1655. meet stana katic.

1656. be his bride.

1657. cook everything in the unofficial harry potter cookbook.

1658. decorate my whole house with paper snowflakes.

1659. live in a college dorm.

1660. tattoo a loved one.

1661. be pampered.

1662. ride in a private jet.

1663. get a matching tattoo with my sister.

1664. meet minnie mouse.

1665. swim under a waterfall.

1666. be able to do make-up well.

1667. be given a car as a present.

1668. have drinks with a celebrity.

1669. move to hollywood.

1670. get married on a cruise ship.

1671. learn how to backwards skate.

1672. climb a volcano.

1673. swim in every ocean.

1674. sing a duet with adele.

1675. visit indonesia.

1676. get married on valentine’s day.

1677. have my dog as my best friend.

1678. drink a martini.

1679. buy myself a private jet.

1680. dye my hair.

1681. make love on new years.

1682. go kayaking with the one i love.

1683. buy something really expensive and destroy it.

1684. own a pair of vans in every color.

1685. have a flat stomach.

1686. have someone i can make music with.

1687. meet cassadee pope.

1688. visit denmark.

1689. have the courage to put one of my songs on youtube.

1690. learn how to play the trumpet.

1691. get my make-up done at sephora.

1692. have a pet rat.

1693. get enough piercings to lose count of how many i have.

1694. own a pair of iron fist heels.

1695. have sex using a louis vuitton condom.

1696. go on a mini golf date.

1697. try every cheesecake at the cheesecake factory.

1698. see the new york rangers win a stanley cup.

1699. visit amsterdam.

1700. forgive my husband.

1701. meet sidney crosby.

1702. have sex on a water bed.

1703. work at abercrombie & fitch.

1704. watch the san diego chargers win a super bowl.

1705. kiss under the northern lights.

1706. meet pendleton ward.

1707. own a range rover.

1708. drive a monster truck.

1709. steal a street sign.

1710. go to a philadelphia eagles football game.

1711. finish a wreck this journal.

1712. touch an iceberg.

1713. get a tattoo done by megan massacre.

1714. go on an african safari.

1715. make a burn book.

1716. get my chest tattooed.

1717. get high with mac miller.

1718. learn how to snowboard.

1719. work at an apple store.

1720. own a shih tzu.

1721. learn how to play the flute.

1722. build a snowman.

1723. complete a scrapbook.

1724. get a tattoo in memory of someone.

1725. get an industrial piercing.

1726. own a canon.

1727. participate in a gay pride parade.

1728. lay on the couch in his arms.

1729. move to israel.

1730. adopt a chinese crested.

1731. make my wishes for 2012 come true.

1732. meet david beckham.

1733. meet benedict cumberbatch.

1734. get matching tattoos with my future husband.

1735. party on a yacht.

1736. watch the eddie aikau big wave invitational.

1737. watch the new orleans saints win a super bowl.

1738. visit bosnia.

1739. feel like a barbie doll.

1740. make him dinner.

1741. fly.

1742. see the new york mets win a world series.

1743. do jeffree star’s makeup.

1744. meet blessthefall.

1745. make breakfast for my love every morning once we live together.

1746. be her bride.

1747. ask a stranger for a ride on their motorcycle.

1748. be a contestant on cupcake wars.

1749. swing from a chandelier.

1750. swim naked in the ocean.

1751. work at victoria’s secret.

1752. get over my fear of snakes.

1753. have my favorite author sign my book.

1754. compete on chopped.

1755. visit the petronas twin towers.

1756. see the milwaukee brewers win a world series.

1757. visit malaysia.

1758. have a medieval style wedding.

1759. get drunk with my best friends.

1760. read every novel written by nicholas sparks.

1761. receive flowers from a stranger.

1762. go to a boston celtics game.

1763. paint a mural.

1764. get a hot stone massage.

1765. take her to italy.

1766. sing with hayley williams.

1767. catch a bride’s bouquet.

1768. run around in the rain naked.

1769. play in the rain with my love.

1770. be on the real world.

1771. own something burberry.

1772. give a random person on the street $100.

1773. let a stranger see me naked.

1774. stay naked for an entire day.

1775. have a book i’ve written made into a movie.

1776. go on a road trip from new york to california.

1777. name my child after a disney character.

1778. get a tattoo representing where i’m from.

1779. get a small tattoo that means a lot.

1780. bake brownies and eat as much as i want without feeling bad.

1781. pet a snow leopard.

1782. meet bullet for my valentine.

1783. own a pair of steve madden shoes.

1784. become a wedding planner.

1785. pay a stranger’s tab at a restaurant.

1786. have a winter wedding.

1787. learn how to knit.

1788. own a bugatti.

1789. meet kendall jenner.

1790. get a makeover from a famous makeup artist.

1791. meet lauren conrad.

1792. try authentic onigiri.

1793. go on a date with ash stymest.

1794. visit salzburg.

1795. see a white tiger up close.

1796. visit shanghai.

1797. become a vegas showgirl.

1798. be in a relationship and not get cheated on for once.

1799. eat my weight in chocolate.

1800. find out how many balloons it takes to lift myself off of the ground.

1801. sit on top of the hollywood sign.

1802. compete on america’s next top model.

1803. eat at cracker barrel.

1804. cook with guy fieri.

1805. host a holiday party.

1806. bake in the middle of the night with someone i love.

1807. run from the law.

1808. have a relationship that lasts successfully for at least a year.

1809. stop caring about what anyone thinks.

1810. get a tattoo of death cab for cutie lyrics.

1811. kiss in the back of a taxi.

1812. get tattooed by ami james.

1813. stop being “just friends”.

1814. tattoo myself.

1815. shave my head for someone with cancer.

1816. have a pet tarantula.

1817. work in a tattoo parlor.

1818. own something by juicy couture.

1819. buy and swim in a false mermaid fin.

1820. try every kind of pringles.

1821. stop all of my bad habits.

1822. meet jonny craig.

1823. get a marilyn monroe related tattoo.

1824. go on a no-budget shopping spree in LA.

1825. make my own bowling ball.

1826. go clubbing.

1827. make my own fireworks.

1828. move to seattle.

1829. have a pet bunny.

1830. visit slovakia.

1831. visit westminster abbey.

1832. take one photo every day of 2012.

1833. run away and join the circus.

1834. set up a lemonade stand with my children.

1835. go to a tumblr meetup.

1836. have a pet turtle.

1837. buy a legalize gay shirt.

1838. have a clam bake.

1839. move to baltimore.

1840. try fried ice cream.

1841. meet josh groban.

1842. represent my country in the winter olympics.

1843. sing a duet with dallas green.

1844. put mentos in diet coke.

1845. feel confident about my body.

1846. hit someone over the head with a frying pan.

1847. touch a glacier.

1848. star in a burlesque show.

1849. get an infinity tattoo.

1850. get my pre-pregnancy body back.

1851. get a tattoo of jack’s mannequin lyrics.

1852. have a surprise party thrown for me.

1853. meet cam gigandet.

1854. perfectly straighten my own hair.

1855. give someone a makeover.

1856. meet bradley cooper.

1857. find waldo.

1858. meet drew barrymore.

1859. meet sarah jessica parker.

1860. meet david freese.

1861. learn how to crochet.

1862. make someone i love a birthday cake.

1863. visit the hershey’s chocolate factory in pennsylvania.

1864. see a colorado sunrise.

1865. have a rottweiler.

1866. get trapped in a blizzard with the one i love.

1867. get a face tattoo.

1868. throw a pizza through the air like a frisbee.

1869. try indian food.

1870. get lasik eye surgery.

1871. own a full set of makeup brushes.

1872. go to madagascar.

1873. ride in a hot air balloon with the one i love.

1874. own every mac brush.

1875. meet hot chelle rae.

1876. adopt an english mastiff.

1877. visit scotland.

1878. own a chocolate factory.

1879. wake up still drunk after a long night of partying.

1880. see the montreal canadiens win the stanley cup.

1881. wear nothing but high heels for an entire day.

1882. be spoiled on valentine’s day.

1883. meet ellen hopkins.

1884. meet russell brand.

1885. find a 2012 penny.

1886. become a dallas cowboys cheerleader.

1887. stretch my ears to an inch.

1888. plan my best friend’s wedding.

1889. experience “paradise”.

1890. feel confident without makeup.

1891. work at h&m.

1892. make 1,000 paper cranes.

1893. paint my dog’s toenails.

1894. learn how to make sushi.

1895. rock bold lipstick.

1896. become a florist.

1897. have pale, porcelain skin.

1898. have a white christmas tree.

1899. flash my boobs at mardi gras.

1900. stay at a motel.

1901. take a bubble bath with him.

1902. take a bubble bath with her.

1903. have a nerf war.

1904. hold a baby lion.

1905. be proposed to in a hot air balloon.

1906. adopt a baby.

1907. make “fetch” happen.

1908. roll in money.

1909. become an extreme couponer.

1910. go on a no-budget shopping spree at prada.

1911. go to a hard rock cafe.

1912. try every smirnoff flavor.

1913. try every flavor of pinnacle vodka.

1914. sleep in a bounce house.

1915. get a cake from charm city cakes.

1916. get an owl tattoo.

1917. have pastel hair.

1918. make 2012 a great year.

1919. get my cheeks pierced.

1920. design my own tattoo.

1921. go on a stargazing date.

1922. visit pompeii.

1923. get engaged on valentine’s day.

1924. own a pair of toms in every color and design.

1925. feed a kangaroo.

1926. feed a koala.

1927. get married on a sunny day.

1928. meet dita von teese.

1929. watch dita von teese perform.

1930. have a house with a tire swing.

1931. learn how to tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue.

1932. work for rolling stone magazine.

1933. spend a whole day sleeping.

1934. swim with manta rays.

1935. throw a drink in someone’s face.

1936. travel around the world with someone i love.

1937. meet jimmy howard.

1938. go on a date to the zoo.

1939. meet pavel datsyuk.

1940. own a camaro.

1941. have a tim burton themed wedding.

1942. meet alexander ovechkin.

1943. be the change i wish to see in the world.

1944. meet kristen stewart.

1946. work at see’s candies.

1947. meet jonathan toews.

1948. own a ‘67 chevy impala.

1949. have a closet full of tie dye.

1950. go on a no-budget shopping spree at abercrombie & fitch.

1951. have a pet iguana.

1952. get surface collarbone piercings.

1953. wear toms on my wedding day.

1954. get a straight edge tattoo.

1955. have a studio ghibli movie marathon.

1956. try body suspension.

1957. meet president obama.

1958. have tiffany blue and white as my wedding colors.

1959. have sex in a movie theater.

1960. own a rolex.

1961. own an audi r8.

1962. meet hugh laurie.

1963. meet elle fanning.

1964. visit trinidad.

1965. visit dubrovnik.

1966. get microdermals.

1967. meet debby ryan.

1968. marry a football player.

1969. follow my dreams.

1970. create a secret family recipe.

1971. have a candle-lit bath.

1972. get a thigh tattoo.

1973. buy my first home.

1974. go to university in the uk.

1975. spend an entire day cuddling.

1976. visit the drop dead store in london.

1977. design my own mug.

1978. own chanel makeup.

1979. make it work.

1980. let it go.

1981. feel breathless after a kiss.

1982. try every lush bath bomb.

1983. own a 96 color eyeshadow palette.

1984. own a pair of animal plugs.

1985. receive roses from a secret admirer.

1986. skate the berrics.

1987. meet jacoby shaddix.

1988. grown an herb garden.

1989. read a book backwards.

1990. visit croatia.

1991. get a pedicure.

1992. get a manicure.

1993. have a water gun fight.

1994. start a diary and write in it every day.

1995. read every novel written by stephen king.

1996. visit morocco.

1997. go on an aquarium date.

1998. get a tongue web piercing.

1999. try something from taco bell.

2000. paint my front door pink.

2001. be an aunt.

2002. trade ipods with someone for a day.

2003. own every pillow pet.

2004. visit portugal.

2005. visit estonia.

2006. get a dermal.

2007. meet the cast of the hills.

2008. witness a dog sledding race.

2009. find a long lasting relationship.

2010. attend imats.

2011. visit the wizarding world of harry potter with daniel radcliffe.

2012. memorize the lyrics to all of eminem’s music.

2013. have a fall wedding.

2014. adopt a rhodesian ridgeback.

2015. catch a jar of lightning bugs.

2016. lay in the road in the middle of the night.

2017. read 365 books in one year.

2018. see the chicago bears win the super bowl.

2019. spend the night at an aquarium.

2020. visit crete.

2021. learn the spells from harry potter.

2022. design my own wedding dress.

2023. work at hot topic.

2024. read ever c.s. lewis novel.

2025. have someone surprise me with a heart shaped pizza.

2026. participate in the 3-day walk for the cure.

2027. wear a disney princess inspired dress to my wedding.

2028. create a new bath & body works scent.

2029. have a dirty little secret.

2030. find the perfect man for me.

2031. hold eldina forever.

2032. meet charlize theron.

2033. meet radeo suicide.

2034. open a pastry shop.

2035. meet adriana lima.

2036. own a cool story bro sweatshirt.

2037. try gelato.

2038. meet ellen page.

2039. own a hummer.

2040. go to sea world.

2041. see the statue of liberty.

2042. come up with my own drinking game.

2043. paint my front door red.

2044. visit yosemite falls.

2045. find nemo.

2046. let go of a floating lantern.

2047. visit romania.

2048. move to montana.

2049. join the peace corps.

2050. get a labret piercing.

2051. kiss ash stymest.

2052. go on a gelato date.

2053. complete the cinnamon challenge.

2054. do my own version of van gogh’s ‘starry night’.

2055. try every flavor of bubble tea.

2056. model for hollister.

2057. kiss a dolphin.

2058. move to california.

2059. put together a family cookbook.

2060. meet the 90210 cast.

2061. see parkway drive live.

2062. visit colombia.

2063. meet colin firth.

2064. model for seventeen magazine.

2065. meet amanda seyfried.

2066. try yoga.

2067. see the minnesota twins win the world series.

2068. meet t.j. oshie.

2069. play hide and seek in a foam pit.

2070. have a closet full of lolita dresses.

2071. visit lithuania.

2072. go on a road trip to disneyland.

2073. buy everything i’ve ever wanted from the body shop.

2074. get an a day to remember related tattoo.

2075. order off of in-n-out’s secret menu.

2076. attend auburn university.

2077. visit the santa monica pier.

2078. use a ouija board.

2079. try everything on dairy queen’s menu.

2080. meet SHINee.

2081. go to a drive-in movie.

2082. try every monster energy drink.

2083. spend an entire day eating junk food without feeling bad.

2084. watch the detroit lions win the super bowl.

2085. eat at the hello kitty cafe.

2086. go on a trick-or-treating date.

2087. own a gucci suit.

2088. learn how to play the bassoon.

2089. design my own converse.

2090. be loved back.

2091. visit belgrade, serbia.

2092. learn how to tie a tie.

2093. learn how to blow perfect smoke rings.

2094. go to universal studios.

2095. shop at dash.

2096. date a tattoo artist.

2097. participate in a zombie walk.

2098. try every kind of cereal.

2099. flash someone.

2100. go to a lakers game.

2101. see a platypus up close.

2102. try every ice cream flavor.

2103. be on the cover of nylon.

2104. build my own computer.

2105. go on a world cruise.

2106. own something from philosophy.

2107. own a pair of yves saint laurent heels.

2108. try yves saint laurent perfume.

2109. meet tyga.

2110. try shrooms.

2111. be proposed to in central park.

2112. get drunk with my best friend.

2113. have my husband rub my pregnant belly.

2114. lay in a hammock.

2115. open a bar with my best friend.

2116. find my perfect lipstick shade.

2117. own a studded phone case.

2118. own every shade of mac lipstick.

2119. create my own eyeshadow color.

2120. have a lot of girly tattoos.

2121. own a flannel in every color.

2122. create my own video game.

2123. receive rainbow roses.

2124. finish a whole tube of toothpaste.

2125. read every r.l. stine book.

2126. meet koda kumi.

2127. own a collection of bow ties.

2128. visit key west.

2129. visit delaware.

2130. meet girls’ generation.

2131. have a whipped cream fight.

2132. wear out a playstation remote.

2133. own a typewriter.

2134. own a varsity jacket.

2135. meet karl lagerfeld.

2136. meet suzanne collins.

2137. have a cocktail named after me.

2138. die in new york city.

2139. attend a patriots game at gillette stadium.

2140. marry vendela, the love of my life.

2141. meet christian bale.

2142. watch never say never with justin bieber.

2143. meet jaycee dugard.

2144. visit jamaica.

2145. swim in an infinity pool.

2146. go on a romantic date in italy.

2147. get venom piercings.

2148. visit branson, missouri.

2149. see the tampa bay rays win the world series.

2150. visit every mlb stadium.

2151. own a rolls-royce.

2152. receive an infinity ring from someone special.

2153. have a relationship like landon and jamie’s.

2154. meet olivia wilde.

2155. touch siva kaneswaran’s cheekbones.

2156. get an alice in wonderland tattoo.

2157. get breast implants.

2158. pet a bandicoot.

2159. write a novel about mermaids.

2160. memorize all of nicki minaj’s raps.

2161. have a paint fight.

2162. find out what caused my mom’s death.

2163. cuddle and listen to his heartbeat.

2164. find the person that’ll make me forget my past.

2165. cuddle and listen to her heartbeat.

2166. go camping together.

2167. attend glastonbury.

2168. redecorate my sister’s room.

2169. tell everyone what i really think about them.

2170. own a pair of bordello heels.

2171. move to toronto.

2172. adopt a sphynx cat.

2173. fall accidentally in love.

2174. visit the national museum of natural history.

2175. make cupcakes from scratch.

2176. make wine.

2177. tell alex pardee how much he has inspired me.

2178. raise a horse.

2179. move to minnesota.

2180. have a 50th wedding anniversary.

2181. work a kissing booth.

2182. get a conch piercing.

2183. have a barbie themed birthday party.

2184. see a glasswing butterfly.

2185. have floating lanterns at my wedding.

2186. meet marianas trench.

2187. visit serbia.

2188. have the courage to tell him i think he’s the one.

2189. work for national geographic.

2190. get a medusa piercing.

2191. get a lip tattoo.

2192. meet zayn malik.

2193. meet harry styles.

2194. get tattooed by chris garver.

2195. plan a great valentine’s day for someone i love.

2196. tattoo my scars.

2197. meet lebron james.

2198. spend a day holding up a free hugs sign in a big city.

2199. overcome my illness.

2200. cry at the grave of someone i never knew.

2201. be the best parents we can be.

2202. join the marine corps.

2203. play hide and seek in ikea.

2204. take his last name.

2205. learn the choreography from dirty dancing.

2206. own every disney movie on dvd.

2207. adopt a dachshund.

2208. sing to her pregnant belly.

2209. work alongside buddy valastro at carlo’s bakery.

2210. become a famous baker.

2211. buy a venus flytrap.

2212. sing the national anthem at fenway park.

2213. meet aaron hernandez.

2214. meet zachary levi.

2215. model for trash and vaudeville.

2216. smoke with my parents.

2217. invent my own candy.

2218. learn how to juggle.

2219. fall down a rabbit hole.

2220. beat cancer.

2221. kiss someone with a split tongue.

2222. get my tongue split.

2223. own something from swarovski crystal.

2224. own a hasselblad camera.

2225. fly a fighter jet.

2226. be heavily tattooed.

2227. create a new flavor of ben & jerry’s ice cream.

2228. bake a pie from scratch.

2229. play spin the bottle.

2230. meet frank iero.

2231. visit easter island.

2232. visit lanai.

2233. attend arizona state university.

2234. see sleeping with sirens in concert.

2235. overcome my fear of sharks.

2236. kiss rachel.

2237. be the reason someone believes being in love is possible.

2238. unwrap a starburst using my tongue.

2239. go a week without using my phone.

2240. learn how to walk well in high heels.

2241. try every flavor of pop-tarts.

2242. work at forever 21.

2243. meet jamie oliver.

2244. go see the vow with someone i love.

2245. start eating breakfast everyday.

2246. learn how to make hair bows.

2247. marry a hockey player.

2248. meet justin vernon.

2249. have sex on valentine’s day.

2250. crash a wedding.

2251. open a smoothie bar.

2252. make a kiss list.

2253. walk on a frozen lake.

2254. visit the kiyomizu temple.

2255. see the chocolate hills.

2256. get a tattoo done by nikko hurtado.

2257. own a collection of skeleton keys.

2258. spend valentine’s day in paris.

2259. adopt a three-legged dog.

2260. have a dog for its entire life.

2260. visit tahiti.

2261. meet tyson ritter.

2262. meet patrick marleau.

2263. wear a pnina tornai wedding gown.

2264. fall in love with a cowboy.

2265. meet alex pettyfer.

2266. bake a perfect batch of cookies.

2267. jump off of a bridge.

2268. sing with alex gaskarth.

2269. own a marc jacobs bag.

2270. visit pripyat.

2271. go to a tattoo convention.

2272. meet 2ne1.

2273. look good in skinny jeans.

2274. have a pet fennec fox.

2275. make it last.

2276. accomplish everything posted on perfectbucketlist.

2277. finish an entire tube of lipgloss.

2278. get a dragon tattoo.

2279. own a pair of jeffrey campbell litas.

2280. try every kind of girl scouts cookie.

2281. read every chuck palahniuk novel.

2282. get a feather tattoo.

2283. see the baltimore orioles win the world series.

2284. try mochi ice cream.

2285. give my parents the honeymoon they never had.

2286. visit genova, italy.

2287. become a keg stand champ.

2288. try every vegetable in existence.

2289. skinny dip in an ocean.

2290. have a round bed.

2291. survive a tornado.

2292. get a tattoo done by hannah aitchison.

2293. create an ice cream flavor.

2294. own every urban decay eyeshadow palette.

2295. cook with david burtka.

2296. make a fruit bouquet.

2297. receive an edible arrangement.

2298. find p. sherman 42 wallaby way, sydney.

2299. meet lana del rey.

2300. adopt a doberman.

2301. get a tribal tattoo.

2302. visit palm springs.

2303. visit monaco.

2304. have sex on a roof under the stars.

2305. adopt a pomeranian.

2306. learn how to crochet amigurumi.

2307. tweet 10,000 times.

2308. have 1,000 followers on twitter.

2309. wear nothing but cowboy boots for an entire day.

2310. have a pajama party.

2311. eat at le jules verne.

2312. be woken up with a kiss.

2313. make my own salsa.

2314. visit berlin.

2315. overcome trichotillomana.

2316. make a jar of lucky paper stars.

2317. visit siberia.

2318. visit timbuktu.

2319. walk on the moses bridge.

2320. move to miami.

2321. meet niall horan.

2322. tell niall horan his smile is perfect.

2323. model for new york couture.

2324. visit the sherlock holmes museum.

2325. eat at alice of magic world.

2326. see the alice in wonderland statue in central park.

2327. stay at the burj al arab.

2328. go on a no-budget shopping spree at american apparel.

2329. plant flowers.

2330. get a tattoo done at wooster street social club.

2331. visit glass beach.

2332. steal the declaration of independence.

2333. go fishing with him.

2334. find love in a hopeless place.

2335. get a nape piercing.

2336. meet kylie jenner.

2337. send a letter via owl.

2338. bake a perfect pie crust.

2339. help find a cure for alzheimer’s disease.

2340. meet sterling beaumon.

2341. try steak tartare.

2342. adopt an african serval.

2343. wade through a cranberry bog.

2344. visit the aokigahara forest.

2345. go kayaking.

2346. smash a pie in someone’s face.

2347. make taffy.

2348. try cupcakes from cox cookies and cakes.

2349. visit the cyclades islands.

2350. make kimberly the happiest girl in the world.

2351. marry an otaku.

2352. visit lake baikal.

2353. make jello shots.

2354. have a zombie themed wedding.

2355. work for tumblr.

2356. visit hamburg, germany.

2357. bake perfect chocolate éclairs.

2358. have sex in the back of a car.

2359. be able to run a mile easily.

2360. visit ghibli museum.

2361. get tattooed by bili vegas.

2362. own every harajuku lovers perfume.

2363. have ryan gosling serenade me.

2364. see drake in concert.

2365. meet yadier molina.

2366. visit a nutelleria.

2367. see a golden tiger.

2368. see the sydney opera house.

2369. own every girls’ generation album.

2370. meet takahashi minami.

2371. meet mark kanemura.

2372. see the great pyramid of giza.

2373. visit vietnam.

2374. watch titanic with someone i love.

2375. rescue a puppy.

2376. hold a wild cheetah cub.

2377. meet louis tomlinson.

2378. ride in a helicopter over the grand canyon.

2379. see lady gaga in concert.

2380. try every four loko flavor.

2381. swim in the dead sea.

2382. hang a dreamcatcher over my bed.

2383. have a shaving cream fight.

2384. host my own cooking show.

2385. visit every zoo in america.

2386. meet taissa farmiga.

2387. appear on the cover of inked magazine.

2388. get in the amazon river.

2389. visit paradise pier.

2390. marry kendra, the love of my life.

2391. visit petra.

2392. join the air force.

2393. receive a tiffany engagement ring.

2394. marry my airman.

2395. finish a bottle of nail polish.

2396. learn how to apply makeup.

2397. meet kanye west.

2398. fall accidentally in love.

2399. take her last name.

2400. visit lombok.

2401. find out who made her commit suicide.

2402. meet chester bennington.

2403. meet lee min ho.

2404. never take his furry muzzle, wet nose, and warm licks for granted.

2405. love my dog unconditionally the way he loves me.

2406. work in bollywood.

2407. meet nathaniel buzolic.

2408. become a zookeeper.

2409. meet karl wolf.

2410. pass down my american girl dolls to my daughter.

2411. meet robbie williams.

2412. work at subway.

2413. get engaged in paris.

2414. meet tim tebow.

2415. own every squishable.

2416. visit istanbul.

2417. sing a duet with selena gomez.

2418. get my makeup done by bobbi brown.

2419. meet mario casas.

2420. see ayers rock.

2421. dine and ditch.

2422. meet the cast of the hunger games.

2423. party in ibiza.

2424. ride a roller coaster.

2425. visit india.

2426. move to pennsylvania.

2427. meet justin verlander.

2428. eat a whole roll of hubba bubba gum at one time.

2429. meet ryan follese.

2430. get a tattoo done by lucia.

2431. see a narwhal.

2432. get married in yankee stadium.

2433. attend duke university.

2434. visit my best friend in maryland.

2435. attend cornell university.

2436. visit laguna beach.

2437. design a hot air balloon.

2438. attend a kid cudi concert.

2439. adopt a chow chow.

2440. watch the sunset from inside the eiffel tower.

2441. make my own melted crayon art.

2442. stop kony.

2443. meet bebe neuwirth.

2444. work in a coffee shop.

2445. meet aishwarya rai.

2446. see a capybara.

2447. move to oregon.

2448. bake cake pops.

2449. eat a square watermelon.

2450. know the name and location of every country in the world.

2451. visit the library of congress.

2452. complete an entire book of sudoku puzzles.

2453. own a private beach.

2454. dig up a dinosaur.

2455. visit strawberry fields in central park.

2456. stay in cinderella’s castle suite at walt disney world.

2457. visit a sanrio store.

2458. meet andrew belle.

2459. attend university of minnesota.

2460. complete skyrim.

2461. get my heart transplant.

2462. meet the love of my life, jake, in person.

2463. finally be his.

2464. jump into a pool in my wedding dress.

2465. own an alexander mcqueen skull box clutch.

2466. visit tibet.

2467. get an apartment together.

2468. escape from africa.

2469. have our families support us and be at our future wedding.

2470. meet ronnie radke.

2471. meet annasophia robb.

2472. get over my fear of heights.

2473. do mission work in rwanda.

2474. attend the university of oxford.

2475. meet dolvett quince.

2476. meet zach galifianakis.

2477. adopt a boxer.

2478. visit nepal.

2479. watch every movie tom cruise has been in.

2480. stomp in a bucket of grapes and make wine.

2481. throw a party like the one in project x.

2482. own an audi q7.

2483. meet anne vyalitsyna.

2484. meet mikahil grabovski.

2485. meet the guys of ghost adventures.

2486. read every book lauren conrad has written.

2487. travel the world without a destination, going wherever the roads take me.

2488. meet alan ashby.

2489. earn beads at mardi gras.

2490. try peruvian food.

2491. forgive my father for his abuse.

2492. meet shaun white.

2493. meet brad richards.

2494. get matching infinity tattoos.

2495. see the monarch butterfly migration.

2496. try every shakeaway milkshake flavor.

2497. visit a vineyard.

2498. meet brantley gilbert.

2499. adopt a retired racing dog from greyhound rescue, inc.

2500. work in a pet store.

2501. drive the atlantic ocean road.

2502. finish an entire eraser.

2503. try every flavor of baskin-robbins ice cream.

2504. try every flavor of totino’s pizza rolls.

2505. run a successful baking blog.

2506. meet my penpal.

2507. learn how to cope with misophonia.

2508. become a kindergarten teacher.

2509. go to an andrew jackson jihad concert.

2510. become a midwife.

2511. be able to do a one handed push-up.

2512. be able to do a proper push-up.

2513. take a zumba class.

2514. take a spinning class.

2515. walk the entire kokoda track.

2516. ruin a pair of running shoes from running so much.

2517. meet nicole richie.

2518. own every bath & body works hand sanitizer.

2519. meet miranda lambert.

2520. work at a haunted house.

2521. tie-dye in summer 2012.

2522. try new things in summer 2012.

2523. make tie-dye shorts in summer 2012.

2524. sleep on a trampoline in summer 2012.

2525. play in the rain in summer 2012.

2526. spend a day on a boat in summer 2012.

2527. get as tan as i can in summer 2012.

2528. spontaneously adopt a new pet in summer 2012.

2529. leave a $100 tip at a restaurant.

2530. visit venezuela.

2531. run a 5k.

2532. start running every day.

2533. receive an infinity necklace.

2534. run every day with my future spouse.

2535. get dermals under my eyes.

2536. become a runway model.

2537. make minnie mouse cupcakes.

2538. take a pilates class.

2539. stay at the bellagio.

2540. try every flavor of vitamin water.

2541. get a score over 1,000,000 on temple run.

2542. see a moose in the wild.

2543. try every flavor of slush at sonic.

2544. climb a water tower.

2545. dye my hair the opposite of what it is now without warning anyone.

2546. get botox.

2547. have really white teeth.

2548. make beignets.

2549. try beignets.

2550. try baked alaska.

2551. try fried oreos.

2552. try durian.

2553. try every flavor of mountain dew.

2554. go on a shopping spree with my best friend.

2555. date one of the boys from one direction.

2556. meet milan lucic.

2557. be the reason someone wakes up every morning.

2558. take polaroid pictures with the one i love.

2559. have a baking date.

2560. carve something into a tree together.

2561. leave this town.

2562. have black and white as my wedding colors.

2563. have powerade on tap.

2564. sit front row at a one direction concert.

2565. hold a lemur.

2566. have my own art studio.

2567. make whoopie pies.

2568. make every kind of animal at build-a-bear.

2569. eat belgian waffles in belgium.

2570. spend an entire day cuddling.

2571. try every kind of cupcake at the cocoa bean cupcake cafe.

2572. try every drink at the cocoa bean cupcake cafe.

2573. model for betsey johnson.

2574. meet jennifer lawrence.

2575. complete a triathlon.

2576. explore india.

2577. meet the cast of friday night lights.

2578. attend pratt institute.

2579. learn how to ride a bicycle.

2580. find out why he committed suicide.

2581. move to connecticut.

2582. meet imogen heap.

2583. bake a chocolate cake from scratch.

2584. save up $15,000.

2585. own a dodge viper.

2586. take his last name.

2587. own every shade of mac eyeshadow.

2588. own every shade of lime crime lipstick.

2589. own every shade of lime crime carousel gloss.

2590. own every sleek eyeshadow palette.

2591. learn how to cook.

2592. take a total immersion swim class.

2593. meet pierre bouvier.

2594. see morrissey in concert.

2595. have a black cat.

2596. go to a jjimjilbang.

2597. spend a day with elephants.

2598. try chocolate covered bacon.

2599. egg someone’s house.

2600. breathe fire.

2601. meet liam payne.

2602. visit cinque terre.

2603. have a home with a spiral staircase.

2604. do a strip tease for someone.

2605. visit lake louise.

2606. see devil’s kettle falls.

2607. catch a squirrel.

2608. own every flavor of eos lip balm.

2609. sing with one direction.

2610. see my husband beat brain cancer.

2611. act in a movie alongside robert downey, jr.

2612. see the iguazu falls.

2613. adopt a bull terrier.

2614. dip dye my hair.

2615. read the twilight saga.

2616. try vodka gummy bears.

2617. make vanilla pudding, put it in a mayonnaise jar, and eat it in public.

2618. work at american apparel.

2619. tie messagse to balloons and let them go.

2620. be the first female president of the united states.

2621. move to tennessee.

2622. own an ipod touch.

2623. fall in love in summer 2012.

2624. watch every movie audrey hepburn acted in.

2625. try scallops.

2626. learn how to do a cartwheel.

2627. get over my fear of water.

2628. watch every movie marilyn monroe acted in.

2629. stop eating fast food for at least a month.

2630. survive high school.

2631. inspire someone with my art.

2632. meet seth macfarlane.

2633. complete my summer 2012 bucket list.

2634. have a lord of the rings themed wedding.

2635. marry james.

2636. send a letter to a random address and see if they write back.

2637. meet aung san suu kyi.

2638. try voodoo doughnuts.

2639. eat at every restaurant that’s been on diners, drive-ins and dives.

2640. get a spray tan.

2641. visit belgium.

2642. receive 365 letters, one every day for a year.

2643. have a rainbow themed wedding.

2644. continue going back to the bench where it all started with katherine.

2645. eat only fruit for an entire month.

2646. grow an herb garden.

2647. be a stay at home mom.

2648. be confident enough to wear a bikini in summer 2012.

2649. have a silly strong fight.

2650. overcome my fear of spiders.

2651. make a living as an artist.

2652. start smiling more.

2653. get married under a willow tree.

2654. meet dennis deyoung.

2655. go beach hopping.

2656. watch a volcano erupt.

2657. swim with a manatee.

2658. wear a hijab without people staring.

2659. visit the tunnel of love.

2660. skateboard with rob dyrdek.

2661. move to los angeles.

2662. be retweeted by someone famous.

2663. have a glowstick fight.

2664. try lemon drop melon.

2665. go mountain biking.

2666. successfully ride a unicycle.

2667. see a wholphin.

2668. visit nicaragua.

2669. see the roman colosseum.

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